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A friend hosted a Facebook Live in which, she posed the question, what inspires you?  After thinking about it, I decided to let you guys in on what inspires us.

You will get to read the back story, the behind the scenes, the INSPO.  Also, as fans, post pictures, we will share the back story of the picture and ask the colorist, what inspires them. These stories will be told by Nyla Coils, aka Marci T.

Young Studio Time

Yesterday, our color ambassador, @iluv.2colour, posted our "young studio time", part of our Boy's Digital Package. 

The inspiration came from a friend of mine's son, S. Loving.  After seeing this picture of him, all i could think of was Run DMC.


Her son is autistic and loud noise can be an issue for him, in order to protect her son from the noise, he wears the headphones.  

He wears them, well.  What do you guys think?

Are you able to see how Marci made the Run DMC reference?

If not, then you blind and you can't see. You need to wear some glasses like DMC! LOL

Completed art work of @iluv.2colour


The Colorist- @iluv.2colour

What Inspires you?

We asked @iluv.2colour, what inspires her? Her reply was, "

Coloring helps me to deal with grief... I lost my dad back in August and although I colored before losing him, I knew when I would color, I  didn't think of anything, except what was in front of me.

As far as being inspired,My kids and husband do that.

Get Inspired!

Take an adventure with COILY ENCOUNTERS. Stay tuned to the blog as we feature our behind the scenes, coloring tips and interesting articles. You may even find yourself inspired to join us, by coloring your own stunning images. Happy Coloring!

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