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Hetaoni English Full 18 (April-2022)




I know I need to take a break from this and work on those other two stories that I've been telling you about, but I keep fiddling with this one. Sheesh. Anyway, I'll update this story as much as I can, I promise. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope your enjoying this, the last chapter is up and you can find it at the bottom of this page. Enjoy. Thank you! Wet With Desire Chapter 10 Twink was sitting on the sofa trying to get her mind to concentrate on her studies. She had to pass her G.E.S. for this year before she was allowed to graduate and that was due in a week, on Friday to be precise. Trying to concentrate on studying was difficult when her head was filled with thoughts of the past that she couldn't remember, yet they were so very vivid in her mind that they were almost a memory, something she could almost touch. She could almost remember what it was like before she lost her memory. It was a memory that didn't change, no matter how many times she thought about it, it was always the same and a memory that she couldn't explain to anyone, not even herself. She had come to a little halt in her thoughts when she felt a warm hand brush lightly across her lower back and she turned to see who was touching her, she felt heat travel up her body and warm herself as she felt the power of the touch. As she turned to look, the man who had touched her stood up and looked down at her, he was taller than her but not by much and he was sitting on the sofa beside her. He had a smile on his face that she hadn't seen before and he looked directly into her eyes, staring into her mind. "I have come to say good-bye, Twink." He was holding out his hand and she took it and he pulled her to her feet, and he had her hands in his and she was looking up into his beautiful face and she was saying the most stupid things she could think of because she wasn't herself, she had no idea who she was and she wanted to know who she was. "Who are you?" she asked and she was desperate to know who he was. He smiled down at her, "It doesn't matter who I am, the only thing that matters is who you are, you must know that Twink, you must."



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Hetaoni English Full 18 (April-2022)

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